Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Four Generations Photo

I love this photo. It was taken in 1931. The ladies in this photo are from l to r: my Great Aunt Kathryn Gamble Mosch, My Great Grandmother Ellen Snyder Gamble, and my Great-Great Grandmother Laura Campbell Snyder. The baby is Barbara Mosch. This is a rare photo of my dad's Gamble side of the family. Kathryn was my grandfather's sister. My grandfather was killed in WWII in the Battle of the Bulge.


  1. Hi Tina - Welcome to the world of genealogy blogging!!!! Be careful though - it's addicting!
    Thank you for taking time to follow my blog I hope you will enjoy my ramblings...... Looking forward to ready more about your family history.

  2. Thank you for visiting us. I love old photos - you really connect with people when you have a visual, don't you? Genealogy IS addicting - but it's a good addiction. I hope you have fun in our blogging world! :)

  3. Thank you Terri and Texasblu for stopping by. I'm already addicted to genealogy! To me it's fun to find out about my ancestors. I'm sure that blogging about my ancestors will be just as fun. :-)