Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Karl Herman & Caroline Scheider Mosch

These are my 3rd Great Grandparents on my dad's side.  They arrived in America in 1870 from Eppendorf, Sachsen, Germany.  This picture was taken by my cousin Carolyn Mosch Busch when she was in Germania, Pennsylvania this summer.  I thought is was interesting that there is a bee hive on the marker.  He raised bees as a hobby and to make a little extra money.  I'm still learning about this family.  My Uncle Paul scanned all of my grandmother's photos (over 6,000!) and there are plenty of pictures of Karl and Caroline's decendants.  Following are photos of sketches of Karl and Caroline.  I'm not sure if these are the only pictures we have of them, but they're the only ones I've seen so far. (So many pictures, so little time...)

Well, lunchtime is over.  More on this family when I get the chance.