Monday, August 17, 2009

Amanuensis Monday: Mosch - McElroy Wedding 1916

ItalicAmanuensis : A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

My Uncle Paul spent a couple of years scanning my paternal grandmother's photographs and scrapbooks. She has apparently inherited her mother's photos and scrapbooks as well. My Uncle ended up with a 7 DVD set of over 6000 images which he copied for several members of the family. I was one of the lucky ones to receive a copy of these images.

My post tonight is a copy of my great grandparents' wedding announcement. Unfortunately, no one wrote down which newspaper the announcement was in. The wedding occurred on 21 Sep 1916. The announcement was published on the same day.

Miss Hertha Mosch and Egbert McElroy of Jersey Shore United in Marriage
At eleven o'clock this morning at the home of the bride occurred the marriage of Miss Hertha Mosch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Mosch of Frinks to Egbert McElroy of Jersey Shore. The mother of the bridegroom and his brother and the immediate family of the bride were the only guests.
The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. V. Sappenfield of St. Paul's Lutheran church. A profusion of asters, golden rod and growing plants decorated the rooms and the bride was attended by her cousin, Miss Emma Mosch, of Germania, while Williams McElroy of Ceres, brother of the bridegroom acted as the best man. Miss Mosch was attired in a handsome traveling suit of dark blue and her maid of honor wore a gown of pink.
Little Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Metzger of Colesburg, and Marie, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Metzger of Coudersport were the flower girls.
After hearty congratulation and many good wishes a delicious wedding breakfast was served and Mr. and Mrs. McElroy departed for a brief wedding trip that will include Elmira, Rochester and other New York points. They will be absent about a week, after which they will be at home to their friends in Jersey Shore.
Mrs. McElroy is one of Potter county's finest and most capable young women. She has hosts of friends and is deserving of the very best in life.
The day had a double meaning in the Mosch home for it was not only the wedding day of their daughter, but as well the 31st anniversary of the wedding day of Mr. and Mrs. Mosch, parents of the bride.
Guest at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Coats, William McElroy, Mrs. VanMadison and four children, of Ceres, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert McElroy, of Myrtle; Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Handwerk and daughter Helene of Galeton; Mrs. Louise Sheldon , of Hebron; Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Metzger, of Coudersport; Mrs. Lewis Webber and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tucker, of Colesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Metzger, of Colesburg; Miss Emma Mosch of Germania; Rev. and Mrs J. V. Sappenfield, of Coudersport; Miss Esther Niles and Miss Katherine Stocum of Coudersport.
This article is such a treasure! It gives so much genealogical information! Since I have a copy of the marriage license for Hertha and Egbert, I know they were wed on 21 Sep 1916. The article tells me that day was also the 31st anniversary of Hertha's parents, which makes their wedding date 21 Sep 1885. It also tells me the wedding took place at the home of the bride and gives a detailed description of the bride's attire. She did not wear a white dress, but a dark blue traveling suit! That is priceless information since there are not any photos of the wedding in all of the photos I received from Uncle Paul.
I also have more surnames to search. I know Mrs. I. L. Coats is the mother of the bridegroom from the information I have on his family, but I don't know what I. L. stands for. Since the article said the only guests were immediate family of the bride, the other names are of sisters and their husbands, presumably. Like I said, I have more names to research to find out exactly who these people were.
I hope I can find more articles like this for other members of my family. I know there isn't one for me or my parents, but I'm sure there are bound to be announcements for some more of the older generations.


  1. You and I share the McElroy surname, but I don't think it is the same family. I have also seen it written Muckleroy back in the early 1800's in the US.

  2. Hi Linda! Thank you for stopping by my blog. My McElroy's lived in PA... at least the ones I know about. I'll have to check the Muckleroy spelling and see if I come up with anything. Thank you for the tip!